Take Stock of Your Possessions

In the event of a catastrophe such as a fire or tornado, an inventory of all your possessions will make the job of putting your life back together much easier.

To complete an inventory,

• Use a camera or video recorder to go through each room and closet (including the garage, deck/patio, basement and attic), taking pictures of everything you own. Where applicable, include pictures of brand names (on clothing, linens and electronics, for example) and patterns on china. Date the video/photos.

• Use the video/photos to compile a detailed list of everything you own, including the date purchased and the cost. Update the inventory as you purchase new items.

• For expensive goods such as electronics, record the serial number on your inventory and store receipts with the list.

• If you have any valuable collections or heirlooms, be sure to photograph them and store any receipts and appraisal information (including the appraiser’s name and phone number) with the inventory.

Having this inventory at your fingertips will make filing an insurance claim much less time consuming—something you’ll really appreciate in the midst of a crisis.

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